The Presidential Candidates and the Arts.

Posted by on 2008/10/21. 2 comments

I’ve been following the American elections very closely. Here in Mexico, a lot depends on what happens in the United States. I was also raised in the USA and lived almost half of my life there, so a lot of it is curiosity. From a professional point of view, I am very interested in the candidates’ stance on the arts. I live in the border states here in Mexico, and there is a lot of artistic and cultural exchange between both countries; a lot of shared projects.

In any case, I found this site. It compares Obama’s and McCain’s record on the arts. Make sure that you click on the specific policies and speeches linked in that document. As a music teacher and artist, it is important to see how each candidate might affect your work and job opportunities.


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  • wavemaker2 says:

    Oh OK! Your right it does matter which one win’s the election for Mexico that is for sure. And I can’t wait to go vote Nov. 2nd.. I hope everyone else does also.. By the way I LOVE your Web Blogger.. til l8er

  • Fernando L says:

    why did you choose piano?, what’s your goal in your life woth the music?