Uninformed opinion.

Posted by on September 11, 2008. 2 comments

The great irony of the information age is that uninformed opinion has gained a status that it never had before, being widely available to the public. It used to be that a newspaper, magazine or the evening news had a professional academic or journalistic work done behind them. Now, with the Internet, no matter what you believe, you can do a Google search and find someone that agrees with you, even if what you believe is completely unproven and contradicts reality in every way. People can find validation of their own ignorance everywhere.

The same goes for music. It used to be that to get heard by other people, you had to work very hard. These days anyone can tape himself playing the theme from Rach 3, upload the video to YouTube and get 800 comments with half of them saying “OMG, that song is sooo beuutiful!!!!11”.

I do believe that the great benefits of being able to communicate freely outweigh the spread of ignorance.

Given the volume of uninformed opinion out there, it is important to know who is writing that article you read. Perspective is very important. In that sense, I really recommend that you take a quick look at the “About the Author” page, and a quick listen in the “Recordings” page. Most of the things I write on this website are my opinion, and are derived from my own experience, my teachers and my own search into things that I find fascinating. I am still learning every day, and I welcome any suggestions or discussion you may have on these subjects.

I hope you enjoy this website. In the title it says “for the discussion of life and music”. I really hope this site sparks a lot of it.


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  • Rebekah says:

    Love this site and I love it how you update it regularly.

    From reading this post, when you mention you were taught by Russian teachers and taken masterclasses from non Russian teachers in your opinion what is the difference? Russians seem to forever have the reputation of soulful attachment to the piano. I have never had a Russian teacher myself I must admit but from an outsider point of view Russian pianists paint this of high quality piano playing.

    Is there are clear distinction between non-Russian and Russian teachers?

  • ahmedfernando says:

    There is probably material there for a whole blog post, and I’ll try and post about it soon.